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“After 8 years of picking up thousands of bags of other peoples’ trash by myself (and with others), there is no way that I would have continued to pick up trash without the use of “The Trash Bagger”. At 71 years of age, I say what I mean and mean what I say! Once you’ve used “The Trash Bagger”, you will wonder why you ever put up with trying to place trash into a litter bag without the use of this product.

I can honestly say that I would have quit picking up litter several years ago, ESPECIALLY on windy days, if this product wasn’t available."

— Gary Chamberlain-Spokesman, North Carolina Litter-Free Coalition, Murphy, NC


"The Trash Bagger has been a valuable tool for our department. It has saved us time and allowed us to cut our time by ¼ on picking up trash. I would recommend this product to anyone that has to pick up trash."

— Robert H. Riggs, Jr. City of Sunset Hills


"We purchased two Trash Baggers at IAAPA a few months ago for the Abilene Zoological Gardens and have been very pleased. This product is useful when picking up trash, leaves and other misc bag-able objects. We have been so pleased with how well they function that our Parks Department plans on ordering some as well. This product saves time which saves money, not to mention the reduced frustration of trying to keep a bag open and fill it in our strong Texas winds. Buy with confidence that this will do all that it is promoted to do; simply, effectively and for a good price."

— Roy Greer Abilene Zoological Gardens


“The Trash Bagger makes beach cleaning a breeze. For the last five years we have scoured the dunes, beaches and marshes of Connecticut endeavoring to raise awareness of the global problem of plastic pollution in our oceans. But bending over, plodding through brush and mud and battling the breeze to keep the bag open while capturing thousands of pounds of trash made our backs sore and frustrated our volunteers. The Trash Bagger made it possible for even the most physically challenged volunteers to take part in this effort and cut the gross factor of picking shore-side trash way down. The Trash Bagger made it easy to stash the trash and manage the bags while the pickers kept our paws free of the germs and bacteria we encounter regularly. And to top it all off Garbo Grabber™ made a great donation to help our cause and make it possible for us to continue our work in the most efficient manner possible. Thank you Garbo Grabber™ for your support and your concern for Connecticut’s waters and our world’s oceans!

— Chris German


“I will never do another cleanup without The Trash Bagger. They were awesome and a big help. It’s like having another hand."

— Andy Boswel - Keep Rock Island Beautiful


“I have followed up with my crews that are using the The Trash Bagger and they are very pleased with them. We will be considering purchasing some more in the near future."

— Joe Choplin - City Wide Maintenance


“I had the opportunity to visit your booth at the N.J. League of Municipalities Convention. We just opened a new facility in Neptune, N.J. which is exposed to the elements and I had a real concern about wind borne litter from our recycling bins. I had a brief demonstration of The Trash Bagger and was convinced it was the tool for us. On December 27, 2011, we had serious wind gusts and a lot of light material blew around. We just received our Trash Bagger, which I decided to order and try-out for ourselves. Today, one man with The Trash Bagger and a small toter, cleaned up the debris in record time. It certainly passed the test and is clearly the tool for the job. I will recommend it to our other facilities and to anybody else."

— Harv Straus - Monmouth County Operations


“Such a simple idea made the job so much more efficient. Wind was no longer an issue and the litter was put into the bags with ease."

— Jeff Hanson - CT Department Of Transportation Supervisor (Retired)


“Over the past year and a half I have been using The Trash Bagger during our North Carolina Department of Transportation Adopt-A-Highway trash pick up events. I was first introduced to this great product by Mr. Gary Chamberlain, the spokesman for the North Carolina Litter-Free Coalition. Without this product, picking up trash on the side of our local four-lane, Hwy. 19/74, would be a problem. Given the speed in which the traffic is travelling, and the close proximity to the right-of-way and median. it would almost be impossible to pick up trash without The Trash Bagger. I have found that this is a simple, well designed and easy to use product. I will always use The Trash Bagger as long as we continue to pick up trash along our designated stretch of highway."

— Justin J. Jacobs Chief of Police Murphy Police Department