Who We Are

Garbo Grabber is a family owned company located in Connecticut that has been making a difference in our environment since 2010. Our company is a supplier and a one stop shop for all your clean up needs. The amount of litter pickup that we encounter daily is going to increase if we don't act NOW!

We carry reachers, pickers, compostable bags and all the accessories for these items! The success to a quicker more sanitary clean up is our product called The Trash Bagger (Made in the U.S.A.). The Trash Bagger is a lightweight hand held device that is designed to improve the way litter and debris is picked up! The Trash Bagger keeps the mouth of a trash bag open during use, users can easily deposit all types of litter and debris more efficiently under better sanitary conditions while increasing productivity.

Garbo Grabber has sold and shipped product all around the world to aid in cleanup efforts. Our products can be used at home, on the beaches, parks, roadways, and any place that is in need of cleaning! The Trash Bagger is the key for a successful clean up and helping you make a difference in changing the course of our environment!

Our Mission

To provide the most efficient and best quality products for the collection of litter and debris while increasing better sanitary conditions for the worker who will perform the task - with the ultimate goal of a litter free environment.

The Trash Bagger Way vs Traditional Way