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Welcome to Garbo Grabber, where we take pride in being a woman-owned, family-run business. As passionate manufacturers and suppliers of top-notch litter tools, we're dedicated to taking the dirty work out of picking up litter. When it comes to fulfilling your litter tool cleanup needs, we're your one-stop shop. From innovative Trash Bagger to customized Reachers, we have everything you need to ensure a successful and efficient litter pick-up experience.

A cleaner environment starts with us! Let's create a world where cleanliness and sustainability thrive hand in hand!


Cleaner environment through innovation: We aim to be at the forefront of change, providing cutting-edge cleanup tools that enable individuals and communities to effectively clean ucp their surroundings and contribute to a cleaner planet.

Revolutionize the litter industry:
Our vision is to bring about a transformation in the litter industry, making it more sanitary and sustainable for today, tomorrow, and the future.


Supply affordable, innovative and efficient cleanup tools: Our mission is to supply the most innovative, efficient, sanitary, and high-quality litter pick-up tools at affordable prices, empowering individuals to make a positive impact on the environment.

Support organizations and give back: Beyond selling great products, we are committed to supporting organizations that use our tools to clean their communities. Through the Garbo Grabber Give Back program, we provide additional funding opportunities for our nonprofit partners, reinforcing our dedication to creating a cleaner world.



Here at Garbo Grabber, our focus is on the HOW of litter cleanup. While the WHY behind picking up litter is something we can all agree on, it's the HOW that sets us apart. Our mission is to provide innovative tools that make litter cleanup to be a more fun and therapeutic experience.

In 2011, we unleashed the Trash Bagger—a game-changer that revolutionized how we pick up litter, offering unmatched productivity, efficiency, and sanitation.

Our tools enable individuals and communities to make a significant impact and contribute to saving our planet.

As part of our dedication to progress and environmental stewardship, we installed our first Community Litter Kiosk at Walnut Beach in Milford, CT in 2023. This kiosk serves as a focal point where the public can join us in our efforts to clean up and beautify our shared spaces.

Stay tuned, as more kiosks will be popping up near you soon!



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